Change Your Side Table With Disused Wood DIY

4.You need a coat of spray primer and two coats of white spray .. let's apply!!

Change Your Side Table With Disused Wood DIY 4

Change Your Side Table With Disused Wood DIY

We are sharing with you another ”before and after” project. We hope you will like this new side table. This is the newer version of available side table.Turned this old side table into a new side table. İf you want to something better and little different for your home you can.

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2.İt so be exciting to be able to use reclaimed wood on the projects. The natured tones of wood are great a bring a whole new style to this side table

3.How do think ? those natural tones don’t look great and chic ?

4.You need a coat of spray primer and two coats of white spray .. let’s apply!!

5.Now you have to find some wood like these and cut it into 17 inch pieces.The size of the top of the side table.Laid them out to dry.

6.Glue each piece onto the top of the side table.

7.Sanding the wood with an electric hand sander and then gave it two coats of Semi-Gloss Sealer.

8.You have already a chic and clean side table for your sweet home.