10 Old Furnitures Get a Stylish New Look

10 Old Furnitures Get a Stylish New Look 9

10 Old Furnitures Get a Stylish New Look 9

10 Old Furnitures Get a Stylish New Look

If you have such a television seat, you can make more elegant using by a colorful pillow and with some fabric. Did you decide makeover your old desk ? Choose any tones of pink to get this modern look.

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3.it’s possible to make new trolley for your home by using your old trolley you need just a coat of paint and colorful wrapping paper. You are ready to serve cold and alcoholic drinks.

4. You can do a new dresser with adding a new set of knobs and by removing old paint.

5.Give a layer of eye-catching interest for your bed with the headboard update.The new pattern is often a vinyl decal, but a stencil and paint would provide you with the same chic impression.

6.Do you have an old wingback chair and is it boring you? You can bring back to life with some paisley fabric.

7.You can finish this DIY idea just in one hour. You need only paint your drab rack.After that hang it to the entryway wall.

8.By using some different types wrapping paper, you can create a great dresser for your little girl. I think it is boring one color dresser for the little girls.

9.I Think you have plain-Jane wooden chairs in your home. it is not bad to change these chairs like that

10.You can give a new look to your old hutch by using 2 different colours. It looks better than old one doesn’t it ?