10 Inexpensive DIY Christmas Gifts And Decorations

10 Inexpensive DIY Christmas Gifts And Decorations 7

10 Inexpensive DIY Christmas Gifts And Decorations 7

10 Inexpensive DIY Christmas Gifts And Decorations

When Christmas is round the corner, gifts and decoration of house are the only things people think of. On the occasion of Christmas people try to decorate their house better than others. They also want their decorations different from others; this is the reason why people don’t use the concepts which they used last year. Same is the case with gifts; you cannot give someone the same gift which you presented them last time also. This does not mean that we are asking you to go and buy a very expensive gift. Being expensive of a gift does not make a person happier; an inexpensive gift is also capable of making a person happy if it is different and creative. To make your Christmas memorable we have few inexpensive gift and decoration ideas.

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Knots made of red and white ribbons can be put around a ring made of steel wire, later this ring can be hanged on one the walls of the house.

You can make small toys out of wood and then put them on the table in your living room or dining table. It would give you a feeling that Christmas is round the corner.

Few pieces of wood can be put on one of your walls in the house, then wrap these pieces of woods with Christmas lights. Lights can be seen everywhere at the time of Christmas, but these lights would look different.

You can cut small pieces of wood into the shape of boots, paint these boots and lastly hang them at the place which you think is best for them in your house. Recommended place: near the entrance of your house.

When the occasion is Christmas then decorating Christmas tree is the matter which should be looked into. Proper decoration of Christmas tree is required. You can make an additional tree skirt after decorating your tree. All you have to do is wrap a craft paper around your tree’s trunk (around the part of the trunk which is in contact with the ground).

Invert wine glasses and place candles on top of them. Despite of being easy and simple, this concept of decoration gets attention.

By using big pieces of red and white cloth you can make Santa caps big enough to cover that part of your dining chairs on which you rest your back. You will forget about your hard work you did for doing this when you will hear praises from your guests and you will have a big smile on your face.

To wrap your gifts you can use black chart paper scribbled with white color pencils and whitener.

These were few ideas for suggesting you gifts and decoration ideas. Just try them and make your Christmas an unforgettable one. We wish you and your family a merry Christmas.